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20 October 2016

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People Analytics for Talent Management
One of the latest buzzwords in the corporate world is people analytics for talent management. But why does an organisation feel the need talent management? An organisation is only as successful as its employees. Workforce management is one of the most critical areas for an organisation, and most spend a lot of time and effort in building a motivated and talented team.

The four steps of a typical Talent Management activity are:Attract>>Hire>>Manage>>Develop

The first two steps are addressed through external data, namely work experience, resume, history and now also social profiles. The third and the fourth steps rely upon internal data, which needs to be relevant and objective. And that is where the challenge arises. Performance data needs to be subjective, and based on manager and peer reviews, rather than on actual figures. This is further compounded by the newer ways of working, where team members are sometimes in remote locations or there is collaboration on projects, making it difficult to accurately understand the individual efforts and contribution of each employee.

This is where Sapience steps in with its uniquepeople analytics for Talent Management. This employee time management softwarefunctions like a work output tracking system and can create a dashboard of how an employee is spending time at work. Knowing which assignments are being prioritised, what activities are carried out through the day, and how efficiently a project is progressing, impacts the end result. And that has a direct bearing on employee engagement, organisation productivityand profitability.

With the Sapience Enterprise Edition People Analytics [at] Work technology solution, organisations are assured automated, accurate and highly granular visibility into their employees’ efforts and contributions.

For HR managers, this is the ideal scenario where they can apply an impartial and transparent approach to Talent Management. As a bonus, this personal productivity tooloffersindividuals data and insights on strengths and weaknesses, and highlights areas of improvement.

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